Book review : Making Sustainability Stick, by Kevin Wilhelm

I am currently reading a great deal for my Master’s in Business Administration in Sustainable Business. And last month I read a great book containing a huge amount of information on how to implement sustainability measures in your company or organization.

This book sits indeed perfectly at the crossroads of both Management and Sustainability and is a great read.

The author, Kevin Wilhelm is a Pinchot (formerly known as Bainbridge Graduate Institute) graduate who founded a sustainability consulting firm, simply named Sustainable Business Consulting. The firm is based in Seattle.

The book comprises several chapters replete with checklists, tips and tools to make sustainability stick. One truly sees the huge amount of experience that is at the core of this book.

Here are the chapters :

1. The Business case
2. Defining sustainability
3. Understanding your stakeholders
4. Baselining Sustainability to measure what matters
5. Goals / vision and your sustainability North Star
6. Management support is essential
7. Understanding Change Management to Guide Implementation
8. Engaging Employees Around Sustainability
9. Systems, Decision Making, and Internal Alignment
10. Institutionalizing Sustainability
11. Communicating Sustainability Internally

My only grief is not with the book itself : short of time I bought that book on Kindle and really wish I had it in paper so that I could turn to it easily in the next two or three decades as I embed sustainability into existing businesses, step by step.

This book is a keeper for anyone who is trying to get Sustainability into the Management world.

Grade : 10 out of 10.

Image credits : Deep – Coopers Rock State Forest, Flickr.

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