Mosques are going solar too

I previously wrote that there are solar panels on the Vatican and some churches. Likewise, I reported that Christians are urged by to act on climate by Pope Francis. Now, Muslims are also starting to cover their mosques with solar panels too.

TreeHugger recently reported that in Jordan – 6.5 million population, 92 percent of which being Muslim – will solarize its 6,000 mosques. Here are some details :

Billed as a cooperation between Jordan’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and its Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, the project will initially see some 120 mosques receive funding for solar power systems, with installation starting this year, but the eventual plan is apparently to install solar on all of Jordan’s mosques.

There are many reasons why this is very, very cool. Just like when a church goes solar, or when the World Council of Churches divests from fossil fuels, the immense symbolism and cultural influence of religious authorities can be used to set the tone for how we think about energy and the world around us. Indeed, the push for solar mosques coincided with a campaign to promote solar on residential rooftops too.


Now that’s cool. I had a look at what Google said on solar mosques and I found something even more interesting as Morocco’s 15,000 mosques are due to go solar as well. As EQ International reported :

15,000 mosques in Morocco will be encouraged to significantly reduce their electricity consumption , opting for solar in particular , within the framework of a national strategy to reduce the energy bill of the kingdom, according to an agreement Tuesday in Rabat.

Signed by government departments side of Endowments and Islamic Affairs and the Energy and Environment , the agreement aims to reduce 40% of electricity consumption in all mosques , based on a study of energy investment company .To achieve this goal, it requires the use of energy saving light bulbs and especially the use of solar energy booming in Morocco, with the installation of solar panels.

At first , the project will focus on more than a thousand mosques, where appropriate training will be provided , before being extended to the whole of the kingdom , told the press the Minister of Energy and Environment , Abdelkader Amara .

National energy consumption will quadruple by 2030, he was recalled , noting that the program for mosques and part of a national strategy to save 30 % of government consumption in the country.Electricity bill mosques totaled 3.5 million euros per year, for its part, noted the Minister of Islamic Affairs , Ahmed Tawfiq .


I believe that each church, mosque, synagogue or temple should be covered with solar on their South and West roofs. I believe every single Priest, Imam, Rabbi or religious leader should urge their congregations to go solar. Because taking care of our Planet is taking care of His Creation (if one believes in religion… )

Image credits : The Jordan Times, via Eden Keeper.

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