A billion dollar a day invested in efficiency

365 billion Dollars (approx. 278 billion euros) : this is the money that was spent on energy efficiency around the world in 2012 according to a recent study the leading consultancy Ecofys did for HSBC. As the consultancy notes on its website :

“ Buildings and appliances account for more than three-quarters of these investments, about $271 billion. Transport accounts for $27 billion (…). $56 billion were invested in the manufacturing industry “

The report, which can be downloaded on HSBC’s website presents some interesting facts and figures, including :

At USD 365bn, investment in energy efficiency represents c1.5x investment in renewables.

On page three, one can learn that :

The global economy more than doubled (115%) from 2002 to2012 but energy supply grew by only 30%. This decoupling of economic activity from energy consumption means that each billion of global GDP required almost 40% less energy in 2012 than it did in 2002. This is good news (…)

All this is good news for me as I have been advocating energy efficiency since my Master’s degree thesis and the countless books I read ever since. See below to discover four of them on that topic :

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