Lockeed Martin to develop marine energies

wave-power-buoyWhat if companies which were making until now weapons decided to dedicate themselves to cleantech ? An example of this came from my friend Olivier Jacquemet and his great blog, Echo Sierra :

” (…) Lockheed Martin is developing its portfolio. Indeed, the defence firm signed with the Australian company Victorian Wave Partners in February to engineer an ocean energy station off the coasts of Australia. “

” According to the agreement, Lockheed Martin will provide expertise in the design and production of the buoys and project management. “

Olivier also notes that the company is also willing to work in thermal energy conversation power – that would be OTEC – as well as in a waste-to-energy.

If only all these “‘ defence ” companies – what an ugly euphemism for companies that design products aimed at killing people – decided to create renewable energy products to FIGHT climate change ?

Now that’s something I can sign for.

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