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https://i2.wp.com/www.elrst.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/twitter-earthrise-128x128.jpg?resize=128%2C128Here we go again : my selection of article-worthy tweets is here. Albeit I slightly increased my amount of articles published per week, I still haven’t enough time to write about all noteworthy news. Lucky for you all, Twitter is here.

In today’s article you will find – just as every month – a selection of the most interesting articles on climate, energy and sustainability related issues I have tweeted last month.

I believe this selection of news offers a good complement to this website. So if you are on Twitter and like this selection, please don’t hesitate to start following me.

Climate and environmental issues

California May Have Hit Its Driest Point In 500 Years And The Effects Are Frightening via

Unlike humans, old trees grow faster than young ones, new study shows : TreeHugger

Trees ACCELERATE their growth as they age. That means they absorb more carbon over time & why they need protection http://bit.ly/1mbKnka

The 285 investors with assets of $20 trillion that support climate policy – listed by name on this 2011 PDF (page 5):

World Bank Pres Kim calls for price on carbon, corp disclosing climate risk exposure, green bonds

Beijing to cut coal use by 2.6 million tonnes for better environment and public health – World – DNA http://ow.ly/sHDja

Geoengineering may be necessary for 2C world, says IPCC draft – http://www.rtcc.org

UK government to plant 4 million trees in 2014-2015 to create 5,000 acres of new woods! http://www.treehugger.com/

Claiming that global warming doesnt exist because it is winter is like claiming there is no sun because its night time

Jon Stewart reminds us that global warming is real even though it’s cold http://huff.to/19Qn9gE

Kerry Quietly Makes Priority of Climate Pact http://nyti.ms/1dWZYOp

2013 confirmed as Australia’s hottest year on record, +1.20°C above 1961-1990 average: http://goo.gl/4mRPOJ

Australia Reaches 2 Million Small-Scale Solar Installations | CleanTechnica via


Energy and cleantech

World oil demand grows from 87 mb/d in 2011 to 101 mb/d in 2035, with transport and petrochemicals being key drivers http://bit.ly/11bR6Ry

Kenya to get 50% of electricity from solar by 2016 : TreeHugger

power capacity will double as more than 20,000 new turbines are built in

China added more solar capacity in 2013 than any other country ever has in a single year!

See ‘s new cover on The Mindful Revolution: Finding focus in a multitasking culture

 We don’t need smart thermostats, we need smart sweater sets. Update on the dumb home

France, Germany and Switzerland plan to create a giant solar manufacturer, a sort of Airbus for the energy sector

: 1st year of California CO2 cap & trade programme big success

1.45 GW added during the year! “: UK Large-Scale Solar Saw 600% Growth In 2013

10 ways to generate $36 trillion of green investments by 2050 > by

RT : Denmark sets a new world record as 57.4% of its power in December 2013 came from energy

UK solar panels reach half a million rooftop milestone http://bit.ly/1iKzW4j

Hydro, wind power booms in Philippines in 2014 part of efforts to become 100 % powered by renewables within a decade

China considers limiting car sales in effort to cut pollution

¿Por qué vale la pena luchar? Desde el 2000, la tasa de mortalidad por en ha bajado un 49%

MT Marine basic training now also involves saving water & energy:

China embarks on greatest push for renewable energy the world has ever seen” –

California Installed More Rooftop Solar In 2013 Than Previous 30 Years Combined

Goldman Sachs “goes green” – plans to invest $40 billion in clean energy by 2021

2013: Germany, Ireland & UK set new generation records

insulating houses is so so so important, especially with old houses. Brings comfort, savings and sustainability in one move

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility

The 85 richest people in the world have the same amount of wealth as half of the world’s population –

Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change Embracing idea of as an economically disruptive force

Chevron disappoints investors with weak revenues, return on capital at lowest since 2009, but promises future growth: http://on.ft.com/1nwHhrB


RT @GoogleFacts If you don’t get enough sleep per day (8+ hours), your desires will increase for cheating, lying and stealing.

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