Cleantech investments decreased again in 2013

Cleantech investmentsI had noted last year that cleantech investments had decreased from their peak of  $317.9 billion in 2011 to reach $286.2 billion in 2012. 2013 was an even worse year as total investments reached only $254 billion. To Bloomberg New Energy Finance :

” The reduced volume of investment in 2013 reflected two influences, a continued sharp reduction in the cost of photovoltaic systems, and the impact on investor confidence of shifts in policy towards renewable power in Europe and the US.”

While investments soared by 55 percent in Japan to counter the decreased reliance on nuclear, Europe slashed its investments by a massive 41 percent. 

BNEF adds more details :

The two biggest investing countries, China and the US, both saw their dollar commitments fall in 2013. China invested $61.3bn in clean energy last year, down a modest 3.8% from $63.8bn in 2012. This was the first reduction in Chinese clean energy investment in over a decade. The US saw investment slip a more significant 8.4% from $53bn to $48.4bn.

Here is an interesting graph that sums up quite well the situation :

Cleantech investments 2004 - 2014

Please have a look at the full BNEF article for more details.

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