Trees capture particulate pollution

tree-leave-microscope-photoAir pollution kills a lot of people around the world and the situation in some Chinese cities has become nothing short of unbreathable. Meanwhile, we have seen in my series ” Plant, baby, plant “ that trees can solve many related problems.

To a new study from Lancaster University, trees can absorb half of particulates, PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 coming from engine combustion and other pollution sources. Particulates exacerbate heart diseases and asthma among others.

This confirms my opinion that alongside with decreasing the amounts of combustion engines in cities by favoring public transportation and bikes, it is time to plant trees as they belong to the cities too.

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  1. joyous holidays, bonnes fetes, for you and your readers, i’ll plant another tree for you later in the spring, a black currant bush or a manchurian apricot; both of which can withstand the harsh weather conditions of winter ice storms or summer droughts..
    beau temps sur tes projets et tes espoirs, ns

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