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https://i2.wp.com/www.elrst.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/twitter-earthrise-128x128.jpg?resize=128%2C128I have been committed since January 2007 to bring you each month a selection of the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change and the world energy sector.

However, I don’t blog as much as I would like to and generally write around 25 posts per month. But many more news are worth reading. This is why I use Twitter to share dozens of news that are worth your time.

I believe it offers a good complement to this website. So if you are on Twitter and like this selection, don’t hesitate to start following me.

Climate change and environmental issues

Lord Nicholas Stern Identifies 3 Obstacles to International Climate Action http://shar.es/dwosx 

And speaking of compelling… “Millions face starvation as world warms, say scientists” http://www.guardian.co.uk/

Martin Luther King And The Call To Direct Action On Climate http://clmpr.gs/ZiSEru  via @thinkprogress

On RTCC: Desertification now affecting 168 nations http://bit.ly/15f1E52

RT @billmckibben: Epic #drought underway in ‘Asia’s water tower’ http://www.eenews.net/public/climatewire/2013/04/16/1 …

Here’s your carbon tax: persistent drought could knock nearly an entire point of India’s GDP growth this year: http://bit.ly/11odKDn

The Carbon Bubble: Are We Exploring for Fossil Fuels We Won’t Need? http://bit.ly/145OQy7

This carbon bubble video needs to be shared, especially with anyone who invests http://carbontracker.live.kiln.it

@CFigueres optimistic about 2015 #UNFCCC #climate deal [1] but “scale and speed” of policy need intensification http://bit.ly/ZpJ1sW

Energy and cleantech

380,000 Germans now work in the renewable energy sector, far more than in conventional energy. Many in installation and maintenance.

Who Says #Solar is Too Expensive? http://bit.ly/128EKI4  #energy #green #environment http://fb.me/2pKuF1qbm

Across the world, more & more countries & organizations are considering the Big Goal: 100% renewable power supply. http://www.renewableenergyworld.com

Tiny wires could be a breakthrough for cheap solar panels http://bit.ly/16KZ3w6

Shell chief climate guy: burning proven reserves of fossil fuels = dangerous climate change. But CCS is wrong answer. http://bit.ly/WmPSx7

Super-powered battery breakthrough claimed by US team, with tenfold boost in power density, 1000x faster charging http://bbc.in/13iEJWx

“Germany is installing 8 GW of solar power each year” Amory Lovins on Germany’s Renewables Revolution http://ow.ly/kaS92

The #offshorewind industry may be seeing the start of a French revolution in deep-water turbine design http://bit.ly/117HqEO

for the first time ever, all new electricity added to the U.S. power grid in March came from solar installations. http://inhabitat.com

We now burn 80x more coal than at the peak of industrial revolution. This must stop. http://e360.yale.edu

Falling #renewables prices could lead to a tripling of investment; would account for half of all generation by 2030 http://bit.ly/10x9fvn

Solar cooling panel could provide AC without electricity by sending heat to outer space http://ow.ly/kkVH2  via @derekmarkham

If Keystone gets blocked, what will happen to the tarsands? http://wapo.st/10zJqup  via @WashingtonPost


UK to plant 250,000 ash trees to outwit deadly fungus http://www.treehugger.com/ Trees, plant more trees !

Hope it’s the same for humans… RT @grist: Flies that eat organic live longer, make more fly babies http://bit.ly/YH3cR3

Amazing coverage of the divestment movement in Business Week–what a dent young activists are making! http://www.businessweek.com

1,426 billionaires have a collective worth of $5.4 trillion, while millions of kids go hungry. http://bit.ly/10UKKEp 

What does a #sustainability consultant actually do?? http://www.2degreesnetwork.com/

None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital they use http://bit.ly/113oEhN

Environmental Cost of Business Estimated at $4.7T Annually @BloombergNEF http://bit.ly/17HqIBt ” take natural cap in2 account!!

Good call! @Nike, @EMC, Ikea and other biz giants urge U.S. climate action http://grn.bz/16ScRXD  via @GreenBiz #CSR

Check out: Big Business Is Waking Up to Global Warming – but Is It Too Late? http://aol.it/17XzNWK  via @daily_finance

Europeans are buying two bikes for every car http://bit.ly/10buA61

#Clean your whole house with these 3 #natural ingredients: http://bit.ly/Zs1XT6  #greencleaning

A Green New Deal to deflate the carbon bubble: the irrepressible Colin Hines, who may one day get to Twitter. http://www.guardian.co.uk/


Since April 1978 KAL has been The Economist’s resident cartoonist. Here is a selection of his covers for the paper http://econ.st/ZDrL1C

I watched Life of Pi at the local ciné club. I had a great time. If you haven’t watched it, do it. It’s a magnificent story and movie 🙂

Instant quote of the week : ” #Nature spontaneously keeps us well. Do not resist her ! ” Henry David Thoreau

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