Prepare yourself ! Climate resilience

prepare yourselfSome people prepare for Judgment Day, some others for a Zombie apocalypse. A few prepare for an alien invasion or when their government will start going dictatorship on them. I won’t discuss here these eventualities.

However I seriously advise you to increase your climate resilience. With a warming and weirding climate, as well as with increasing resource scarcity,  all kinds of disruptions are due to occur sooner rather than later.

This is why the first step is to slash the amount of resources you use. Whether we are talking about basic commodities or gizmos and gadgets, consuming less is always a good idea.

Energy efficiency, whether at home or on the road are good starters. This is why I have been advocating to weatherize your home time and again and this is why I advocate efficient or electric cars as well as biking and public transport.

Renewable energy sources ( whether solar, wind, wood, geothermal ) are good ideas. If the grid fails or a nuclear / coal / gas-fired plants is no longer able to provide your much needed electricity, your panels / turbine / stove / heat pump will most likely continue providing you both heat and electricity.

The same goes for water. Harvesting the rain falling on your roof can today help you water your garden or flush your toilets but might help you tomorrow to stay hydrated.

Garden ? Did I just mention garden ? While we are at it, if you have the time and space necessary, why not start growing some of your own vegetables and fruits ? Alternatively, becoming a locavore or joining a community shared agriculture group is a good idea.

I always found dumb that in a region renown for its apples such as Calvados (France), kids are fed in schools apples that are being grown on the other side of the world. This isn’t climate resilient or even economically sound.

Like for other doomsday scenarii, staying (or becoming) fit is also a great idea. I previously wrote that staying slim is good for the environment.

I hope this post helped you in your journey towards sustainability and that these tips will help you should the worse occur. If you believe this list is incomplete, please don’t hesitate to comment.

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