Feeling down about climate ? Read this

PessimismGiven how climate change is VERY serious and how little we are currently working on it, it’s easy to feel a bit under the weather. No wonder more and more people are feeling anxious about their near future or what world they will leave to their children.

This week I came across two posts on that very topic. Climate Progress, as usual provides great information and advice. And so does Grist and their great columnist, Umbra. I strongly urge you to read both articles in full as they really are giving hope.

But the main point is : each and everyone of us has part of the key to a more sustainable – and simply a livable – world. So there is no reason to feel depressed if we act.

One can see this as a challenge that has to be taken up. It starts with a journey towards sustainability. It goes on with asking your representatives to act on climate and energy.

Decreasing the amount of stuff – whether it is energy, water, food or anything else – you use and starting activism  are the two most important things we can do at a personal level…

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