A Kickstarter success, the Nanolight

the nanolightDo you know Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform more used to fund video games and other similar projects ? Well, one of its recent successes is the Nanolight, perhaps the world’s most efficient light bulb.

Only consuming 12 W to offer the light of the traditional 100 W incandescent bulb, the Nanolight was developed by three students from the University of Toronto, Canada thanks to the +$240,000 they gathered (they wanted to gather $20,000).

This light bulb has many other great features including omnidirectional light, full brightness as soon as it is switched on and so on.

If you are interested in funding the project and buying one of the first Nanolights, please check out their Kickstarter page.

Sure, the bulbs are frightfully expensive ($45 a-piece for the 100w version) but it is due to save you a lot of money over time (whether you compare it to an incandescent or a CFL bulb). See the savings according to the inventors :

nanolights savings

I just hope the project will be a huge success and that we will be able to buy in stores such great light bulbs in the near future.


Edouard is a sustainability and energy professional committed to bringing our societies to a carbon neutral future. He has been writing on related topics on this very blog since 2007.

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