A climate change to do list

Climate change, aka global warmingYesterday I published an lengthy article on how business leaders and elected representatives of the so-called ” developped countries ” are awakening slowly to the threat of climate change.

While these are great news, we are still waiting for concrete actions that could actually have a chance to avoid catastrophes such as flooded cities, extreme weather events and so on.

So I had a look at what would consist of an urgent to do list for the future UNFCC conference of parties. Of course, this is a not exhaustive list.

Tier 1, the basic steps to be taken:

  • Enact a sufficient carbon tax for G20 countries ( 85 percent of the world greenhouse gases emissions and wealth ) ;
  • End ALL fossil fuels subsidies globally. No more giving money to polluters ;
  • Defuse the 14 carbon bombs : our civilization can live without fossil fuels, but not without a temperate climate ;
  • Tackle soot / black carbon as it is much more important than previously thought. This will allow us to gain some time.

Tier 2, if political leaders are ambitious :

  • Launch energy efficiency and renewables plans big enough to curb fossil fuels consumption ;
  • Decarbonize the transport sector : promote biking, public transport, electric vehicles ;
  • Weatherize social accommodations and provide aids for people to insulate their homes ;
  • A binding international agreement to curb greenhouse gases with the UNFCC Conference of Parties.

Tier 3, side projects that will make a HUGE difference :

  • Launch afforestation projects at home – in both cities and countrysides – and abroad ;
  • Educate people to consume differently

What do you think of this list ? I wrote what I believe is absolute necessities but I am sure I missed some.

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