Annual investements in cleantech reach a trillion

MoneyIf you believe that cleantech is just a fad, you should read this : ” Private investors are putting almost $1 trillion annually into green businesses and technologies, bringing the total invested worldwide since 2007 to $3.6 trillion

‘ (…) Ethical Markets expects the $1 trillion annual pace of investments to continue into 2020. Germany, Japan and the US lead in private green investments and China, Brazil and India lead among emerging nations. ”

Given the current general lack of commitment towards mitigating the brunt of climate change one can be sure that these investments will only increase as temperatures increase.

Indeed, this will lead to more extreme events and more and more countries will see that cleantech – renewable energy sources, smart grids, resource efficiency and so on – is the only investment that make sense nowadays.

To me, this is only the beginning as cleantech is seen as the next great investment opportunity that could create million of good paying jobs globally. We are going to live interesting times in this sector, mark my words.

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