Two tips for more sustainable vacation

Hello all ! I took a few days off – but not by the sea as the illustration might suggest – and this the occasion for me to share with you two ideas that will make your vacation a bit more sustainable.

First thing first, when leaving for a week or two, don’t hesitate to  turn off the electricity completely in your house or flat. This will allow you to save electricity as appliances such as the fridge or the water heater are energy guzzlers.

Second tip : if you want to feel even more on vacation and break your work routine, ditch your car for the train. Sure it will take more time but you will be able to read, write or play while traveling.

For these short vacations, I am avoiding to drive 1,500 km. Given my Citroen’s consumption, I will thus avoid emitting a bit less than 200 kilograms of carbon dioxide and other unpleasant gases that cause cancers.

Granted this is not much, but bit by bit, person by person, a world without the brunt of climate chaos is possible. It’s a matter of personal choice…

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