The definite article on climate change

I tweet dozens of articles each week if not every single day. I read however very few of the articles they are linking to. Last week however, I was driven to reading the latest article from Bill McKibben on Rolling Stones.

“Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” is a five-page piece that offers the latest of climate change and clearly shows our predicament and how quick and big change has to be.

This is simply a must read and must share. So please, take some time to read it. Then spread it as much as you can. Time is running out.

2 thoughts on “The definite article on climate change”

  1. The scary thing is that this is happening just as everyone is getting excited about the huge growth in US gas and oil reserves. The media is replete with stories about how the US and Canada are the new energy “superpowers” due to shale gas and oil. In Canad, there are the tar sands; in the States, its shale oil in massive quantities in Colorado and Utah. If even some of the hyperbole is true, then there will be even more of a push towards fossil fuels in the rush for “energy independence” and geo-political gain. Unfortunately, the work needed to extract oil sand and shale oil releases a much greater amount of CO2 then conventional oil drilling. All of this will be extremely hard to resist politically, and will lead to a big move AWAY from renewables. Take a peek at the articles below – just a small sample amoung many. Peter

  2. Hello Peter and thanks for your comment.

    I quite agree with you as these new unconventional fossil fuels reserves are a huge problem.

    We can tackle them by showing that these new sources of wealth come with a huge price : pollution, massive pollution.

    These sources will sure benefit from subsidies, which is why it is important to stop them and give them to efficiency and renewables.

    It’s not as if they were making more and more sense globally.

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