America : Hell and high water

Climate change is currently hitting the United States in an impressive way. So I thought I would sum up here what is happening accross the ocean for those who just lost track at how this is becoming awful.

Just last week, nearly 1,000 record high-temperatures records were broken all across the country. In Colorado, up to 36,000 of people have been fleeing the raging fires. Dozens of houses have been destroyed.

In Virgina, nearly three million people found themselves without electricity because of a storm. In Florida,  another storm named Debby flooded cities.

Last but not least, in Kansas, temperatures reached 115°F (47°C) for five consecutive days… This is unbelievable…

All this seems to be astonishingly accurate with the book Hell and high water published in 2006 by Joe Romm – the blogger behind Climate Progress – presenting the dire consequences of climate change based on the science of the time.

Scientists had warned us about how climate change would be. It seems they were right and that it is only the beginning. Let’s hope that this will be a major wake up call for the United States of America and that this country will start slashing greenhouse gases emissions quickly.

Image : Climate Central Record Tracker map showing some of the record temperatures set or tied on June 30, 2012.

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