Germany breaks another solar PV record

The sunny – and hot, and dry – weather witnessed by Europe lately has one good point : Germany broke all records of solar photovoltaic generation with as much as 22 GWh. As Cleantechies reported :

” that amount of electricity fed into the national grid on Saturday (May 26) met around 50 percent of the country’s electricity needs. That is the same as 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity. “

” (…) At the same time of the year last year Germany was producing 14 GW per hour. Its total installed capacity is 26 GW. “

Despite I don’t agree with the country’s decision on nuclear, I believe Germany is doing extremely well on solar and that all countries should try emulating their success.

This is indeed a huge success story that could inspire sunnier nations as solar PV prices keep on decreasing and decreasing…

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