It is time for a global price on carbon

It seems more and more countries around the world are willing to put a price on carbon as the evidence of carbon dioxide fueled climate change is more than overwhelming.

Indeed, extreme weather events are heating all continents, all countries, all regions. France thought about it in 2009 and retracted. The Emission Trading Scheme in Europe works (albeit it isn’t a carbon tax per say)

South Africa and China are thinking about it for 2013 and 2015 respectively. Australia will be implementing one this year.In the USA, Romney says he would implement one.

We have seen that putting a price on carbon is one of the necessary three steps to slash carbon dioxide emissions. The two others are ending fossil fuel subsidies and putting a price on negative externalities. (see Investments in renewables surpass fossil fuels )

We must find a solution to deal with carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide will deal with us. This is a deathmatch Mankind can not lose. A carbon tax seems to be one of the best solutions.

To conclude, taxing carbon emissions would be a good thing if and only if the set price was high enough to slash emissions.


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