Bad climate news from the Amazon and the Arctic

I recently wrote about positive feedback mechanisms that would increase climate change as temperatures increase. It seems we are already seeing the very first tragic examples.

The first one comes from Peru, where climate change led to a warming Atlantic Ocean, which itself led to a drying Amazon rainforest, which in their turn led to massive wildfires.

To The Daily Climate this took place in a part of the Amazon rainforest which was previously thought as to wet to burn. But this is not the only horrifying prospect.

As the Arctic is literally melting before our eyes, a new study shows that this phenomenon favors ” Favors Extreme, Prolonged Weather Events ‘Such As Drought, Flooding, Cold Spells And Heat Waves “ as Climate Progress reports.

If you thought I am being pessimistic for no good reason, hold on to your seat. The Telegraph mentioned in 2010 a study pointing to the fact that “Climate change could make half of the world uninhabitable for humans as a rise in temperature makes it too hot to survive.  “

 The Arctic is too precious to be left unprotected, just as the Amazon rainforest is. We have to prevent the worse from occurring. If we still can, of course.

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