China could cap energy consumption by 2015

China is so profoundly harmed by pollution that it is more and more aggressively pursuing – or trying to pursuit – a cleaner development. The last example of this was exemplified earlier this month by a Reuters news article :

” China, the world’s top energy consumer, is expected to announce in the first half of this year a plan to cap total energy consumption for 2015, including individual targets for provinces, media reported. “

Given the massive energy consumption increase in the People’s Republic,  the cap on the consumption of energy will be a tough goal to reach.Cleantechies bring us further details :

According to China Daily, in 2011 a National Energy Administration official said that China was considering a limit on energy consumption for localities, with a goal of “cap[ping] its total energy consumption at four billion tons of coal equivalent by 2015.“Other reports confirm this.

It has also been reported that renewable energy will be excluded from the cap.

No doubt that this would literally boost cleantech in the country. But this is not the only good news. In another Cleantechies article, we read the local government is willing to impose new rules to reduce air pollution


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