Protect our winters : ” get political, be vocal “

You might be familiar with the problem if you are an avid skier or snowboarder : the climate is getting warmer and warmer, thus reducing the possibilities of enjoying your favorite sports.

This led a pro snowboarder, Jeremy Jones, to start the Protect Our Winters campaign ” after having been turned away from areas that had once been ride-able and seeing resorts closed due to lack of snow.”

Their latest campaign – the POW SEVEN – is heralded by Grist as ” the best green action plan” they have ever seen. It indeed ask its followers to get political and be vocal.

Here is the complete list of actions POW recommends :

1. Get political
2. Educate yourself
3. Find your biggest lever
4. Be vocal, bug your friends
5. Talk to businesses
6. Change your life and save money
7. Join POW

Grist is right in saying these are the best advices we can give climate hawks and other concerned citizens nowadays. Indeed, even if you are biking to work and live a super insulated house or appartment, this does very little against climate change.

But if you are talking about with your family, friends, relatives, coworkers, etc and they in turn start acting, this will make a difference.

More importantly, if you start talking about it in political circles or demand your representatives that they act on the very matter, then we will have a good chance to win this fight. As POW notes : 

We’re starting off with the toughest one, but arguably the most effective. Once a month, call and/or write your elected officials and ask them to take action on climate change by putting a price on carbon and supporting clean energy legislation.

Tell them they will lose your vote if they don’t have a climate action plan. U.S. contact info: SENATE & HOUSE. Don’t vote for candidates that deny climate science or oppose action. Your local League of Conservation Voters ranks US candidates on their environmental positions HERE.

Indeed, too many parties around the world are either ignoring altogether the issue or are just paying lip service on the issue. This has to change as soon as possible…

2 thoughts on “Protect our winters : ” get political, be vocal “”

  1. Really interesting and definitely relevant: except for the last two weeks of January, the weather was hot and the snow awfull : /

    Good idea to mention that “Snow-based recreation in the United States is estimated to contribute $67 billion annually to the US economy and supports over 600,000 jobs.” It gives people to think about climate change not just as an increase in temperature…

  2. it is everything but that Olivier. It will mean :
    – rising sea levels ;
    – millions of climate refugees ;
    – decreased agricultural yields ;
    – extreme weather…

    Glad you liked it. 🙂

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