NASA study backs 350 ppm objective

A new study by the NASA is bringing more credence to the fact we need to go back to carbon dioxide concentration of 350 parts per million.  This will hopefully be a huge boost to the campaign. As Climate Progress reported :

” According to calculations conducted by Hansen and his colleagues, the 0.58 Watts per square meter imbalance implies that carbon dioxide levels need to be reduced to about 350 ppm to restore the energy budget to equilibrium.”

“The most recent measurements show that carbon dioxide levels are currently 392 parts per million and scientists expect that concentration to continue to rise in the future.”

Going back to 350 ppm will be a tricky goal to achieve as :

  • Our emissions are increasing by 2 ppm per year on average ;
  • Our carbon sinks – forests and oceans – are getting less and less efficiency ;
  • Fossil fuel intensive solutions are still more and more used.

I am nonetheless believing it can actually be done. Yes, I am a die-hard optimistic…

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