Amazon deforestation at its lowest. Can this last ?

I noted last year that Amazon deforestation was at its lowest. Well it decreased again. To Grist : ” a study on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon found that the number of square kilometers disappearing each year has hit a record low. “

However, these good news might be only temporary. Originally Grist was mentioning a vote that was due to weaken the local forest code and thus, increase deforestation.

Luckily, this vote has been postponed until March 2012 as the WWF noted today on its blog. We gotta campaign to keep the current forest code and protect our rainforests !

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  1. This is fantastic news. Its also worth noting that with the increasing development of the carbon credit market due to the EU’s cap and trade, further opportunities for preserving the Amazon and other tropical rain forests will be there. The nice thing is, carbon credit trading really uses market mechanisms to achieve these goals.

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