Desertec first solar plant to start construction

Remember the Desertec project and how I was convinced ? Their goal is to build solar, wind and other renewable energies facilities to power North Africa, the Middle East and part of Europe.

Well, I am not the only one as their first plant will start construction next year. With a capacity of 500 MW it will cost 2.8 billion USD, or 2 billion euros. The first phase will bring 150 MW and will take two to four years to build.

500 megawatts don’t seem much really compared to the hundreds of gigawatts that are planned and needed, but you have to start somewhere. (via Ecogeek)

2 thoughts on “Desertec first solar plant to start construction”

  1. Well, it’s really a little step but as you say these are good news.

    Now we need more, many more of this kind. King Coal and Emperor Oil are still ruling Planet Earth at our expense…

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