Bad news are piling up on nuclear

Just as Grist is asking if Germany did the right move on nuclear – here is as a reminder my opinion piece on Cleantechies – several bad news for the industry of this energy source got my attention this week.

First and foremost, the reactor number 2 of Fukushima had probably experienced “spontaneous” fission “ according to an official quoted by the Agence France Presse.

Furthermore, it has been estimated that fully decommissioning Fukushima could take no less than 30 years. All this could have terrible consequences for the whole industry.

In Europe, Belgium is thinking about phasing out nuclear as early as 2015. Given the high price that will be paid by Germany, one asks if it is the right move.

Meanwhile, Electricité de France announced the construction of its four plants in the United Kingdom will be delayed.

Last but not least, Mexico has ditched its plans to build new nuclear power plants…

2 thoughts on “Bad news are piling up on nuclear”

  1. ah! bad news for nuclear is always good news for the crust we live on…the more renewables we learn to adjust to, the better the air, soil and water…the cycle will be more livable…the future more possible for all species…

    as people do know that the earth crust is at best unstable, it would be smart to avoid erecting tall, dangerous buildings in shaky areas–furthermore– it would be really insane to continue fracking the ground, digging the holes and nuking the rest…

    so much wind, waves and biomes can be calculated to produce energy ad infinitum with job creation and economical means as a bonus; why do we insist on endangering our very own nest?

  2. Nadine, I would like to share your enthusiasm but the facts and figures are against it.

    I just learned Mexico will replace the nuclear plants by gas fired ones. this is ten times more emissions for 40-50 years. At a time where we need to go carbon free.

    Sure, nuclear can lead to huge problems, but done safely, it is harmless. at least relatively to fossil hydrocarbon fuels.

    Yes to Renewables, a huge resounding yes to efficiency, but also yes to nuclear.

    We have little time to peak and slash our emissions globally. And we are exactly heading toward the opposite direction…

    This will be my very next posts here, so stay tuned !

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