Coal is the enemy of the human race

The Economist noted as early as 2002 that coal is the environmental enemy number one. Yet, it is still used a lot to generate electricity at cheap prices. But this doesn’t even make economic sense.

To Grist : Electricity from coal imposes more damages on the U.S. economy than the electricity is worth. That’s right: Coal-fired power is a net value-subtracting industry.”

As a matter of facts, coal costs the US economy $53 billion per year in gross external damages (GED). How much does it cost globally ? That would be interesting to know !

2 thoughts on “Coal is the enemy of the human race”

  1. Agreed !

    Some say nuclear is BAD but compared to coal… Besides, we know how to make nuclear safe and clean.

    It isn’t the case for coal as “clean coal” will remain an oxymoron for a long time…

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