Isang Litrong Liwanag : The solar bottle

While reading the tweets of the people I follow, one from Andrew Revkin got my attention : “ H. sapiens, innovator: Solar “light bulbs” from water-filled soda bottles brighten tin-roofed slums.  “

This was how I got introduced to Isang Litrong Liwanag ( “A Liter of Light” ), one of the most brilliant ideas I came across while writing for this blog. The tweet was followed by a link to a Youtube video  – watch it below.

This is so great CleanTechnica  and Ecopreneurist wrote about it and the project got featured on Reuters (see below as well for another video).

Coming from the slums of Manila – the capital city of the Philippines – I hope similar ideas will sprout in the slums and villages around the world as it is a literally brilliant idea to bring lights to people with little money…

Indeed, the idea is very simple : to use water-filled old bottles as prisms to lighten up slums housings…

A video from Brazil shows this is absolutely not new as it was already used in 2008 there… And Kees van der Leun also noted that the idea is even older as it is behind deck prisms.

Here is the Youtube video tweeted by Andrew Revkin :

Here is the one from Reuters :

In any case, this is a great idea and project. If you have some spare change to found their project, don’t hesitate!

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