Natural gas is a bridge fuel to nowhere

This is the conclusion of a new study carried out by the US NCAR. In their conclusion, they note : ” substitution of gas for coal as an energy source results in increased rather than decreased global warming for many decades

Climate Progress notes: ” The fact that natural gas is a bridge fuel to nowhere was first shown by the IEA in its big June report on gas. That study made clear that if we want to avoid catastrophic warming, we need to start getting off of all fossil fuels. “

I guess this should warn governments and companies worldwide that we have to seriously work on efficiency and renewables. And the faster, the better.

Here is another extract of the Climate Progress post :

BOTTOM LINE:  If you want to have a serious chance at averting catastrophic global warming, then we need to start phasing out all fossil fuels as soon as possible.

Natural gas isn’t a bridge fuel from a climate perspective.  Carbon-free power is the bridge fuel until we can figure out how to go carbon negative on a large scale in the second half of the century.

Would this carbon-free power include nuclear ? You have my opinion

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