An electric car goes 1,600 km on a single charge

Is this the car of tomorrow ? Gas 2.0 published an article on an electric car that did more than 1,600 kilometers (a thousand miles) with a single charge. The top speed was less than 50 kilometers per hour. As they note :

” The record for longest drive ever in a battery-powered vehicle (no recharge) was broken last weekend by a new, experimental electric vehicle called “Schluckspecht” (“heavy drinker” in colloquial German). “

Of course, at these speeds and with only one passenger, this could be used for the daily commutes of millions of people in hundreds of cities around the world…

2 thoughts on “An electric car goes 1,600 km on a single charge”

  1. Thank you Jacqui on your kind comment.

    I have no idea of how it would compare to a hybrid or a full combustion engine.

    I note your idea of comparing hybrids and full electric cars. This reminds me that Renault, the French carmaker, don’t believe in hybrids and went full speed ahead on full electric cars as they are much simpler…

    Nothing is simple and all our choices are complex. We just need to remember that there is no perfect solution.

    I hope I will have the pleasure to read you again here…

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