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I have been committed since January 2007 to bring you each month a selection of the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change and the world energy sector.

However, I don’t blog as much as I would like to and generally write around 25 posts per month. But many more news are worth reading. This is why I use Twitter to share more news that are worth your time.

I believe it offers a good complement to this website. So if you are on Twitter and like this selection, don’t hesitate to start following me.

Climate change and environment

Four nations form front against climate change Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal http://bit.ly/qTEdk1

The New Normal: Billion-Dollar Disasters http://t.co/84zmoxz

It’s Hotter Than It Used to Be; It’s Not as Hot as It’s Going to Be http://huff.to/na1C1F @huffingtonpost (much better than tornado piece!)

Globally, June 2011 was 7th hottest ever measured on land+ocean (http://t.co/Lk1dsoO, +0.50C), 6th on land (http://t.co/UDpGjF0, +0.64C)

Study: Earth losing its climate change defenses: http://ow.ly/5Hv2w

Sustainablog: More Evidence of the Importance of Forests: They’re Even Bigger Carbon Sinks than Thought http://bit.ly/pSgZYz

RT @debidanowski: @TreeHugger: Climate Change Reducing Ocean’s Ability to Absorb Carbon Dioxide http://su.pr/2dYThp #ocean

2011 climate disasters cost a record $265 billion http://ow.ly/5FrfK

Global Warming: Scientists vs. Climate Skeptics (Infographic) http://t.co/IY0p8Xc

Surprise! #Fracking fluid kills trees: http://ow.ly/5CJWn

RT @climateprogress: Arctic Death Spiral: Second Lowest June Sea Ice Extent, Lowest June Volume http://bit.ly/nCp9oI

Worst drought in 60 years brings starvation fears to East Africa ~ http://t.co/aWXBuXS #Eco #ClimateChange #Africa #Conservation

Energy and cleantech

Outstrips both UK & EU targets. RT @adamwerbach Scotland’s plan for 30% #renewables by 2020 could create 40,000 jobs.

Tunisia Commits $2bn to Sell Solar Power to Europe : TreeHugger http://t.co/RcFgOxr 

RT @CleanTechies: Blog: China’s Commitment to Green Technologies – Six Out of Seven Ain’t Bad http://bit.ly/qWAT77 #energy #cleantech #asia

Japan’s Rare Earth Mining on Pacific Ocean Floor Puts Marine Ecosystems at Risk : TreeHugger http://t.co/faoXjkf

RT @CleanTechies: Blog: Future Computers Could Use 1 Million Times Less Energy, Researchers Say http://bit.ly/qMcEis #energy #green #greenit

Nuclear power is fine—it’s corporate power that’s dangerous: http://ow.ly/5yjnU

Tepco bulldozed hill that could have prevented Fukushima disaster http://ow.ly/5CG0E

Solar Cells Can Now Be Printed on Anything, Even Paper and Fabric http://ow.ly/5Crzq #solar #cleantech

RT @grist: Why closing NYC’s only nuclear power plant would be a really bad idea: http://ow.ly/5A6l4

What do u think of this program? RT @HuffPostGreen A Groupon for solar energy? http://t.co/JE6sZLJ

How #thermal #energy conversion can use deep and shallow #water to generate electricity: http://tinyurl.com/3hx8bec

Good article on why the rate of innovation in #solar PV is arguably faster than in any other #energy sector. RT @reworld http://t.co/I7TaSnw

Proposed U.S. Geothermal Exploration and Technology Act seeks to expand geothermal #energy to as much as 100 GW http://bit.ly/q54K3T

#infographic on global #energy #consumption’s biggest consumers and their primary energy sources: http://tinyurl.com/3rft788

What’s the true cost of the emissions from every gallon of gasoline? http://ow.ly/5ELD0

Building on his own PV experience, Jim Hansen runs US & global numbers & pops the renewables-as-cliimate-fix balloon: http://j.mp/JHrenew

RT @GreenLeapFwd: “Urine is liquid gold” http://bit.ly/psiRcm #water #priceless Did LOL (and learned a few things as well…)

Blog: Top Ten Cleantech Initia… http://bit.ly/qhmlv1 #energy #green #cleantech

What The Flush? Solar Toilet Generates Energy from Sewage http://ow.ly/1e0ZIE

Nuclear power plant builder Areva sees new opportunities in safety upgrades and dismantling of existing plants: : http://t.co/2bWCVnP

RT @GE_EnergyFlex: Check out this #infographic showing the #economic benefits of #energy #efficient homes http://tinyurl.com/3gu5cl2

UK Solar Prices Tumble, Boosting Rush of Installations : TreeHugger http://t.co/r8f0LIg

California Overwhelmed by 71 GW of Renewable Project Applications : http://t.co/D8ZPGex

South Korea, Malaysia Discuss Nuclear Energy Cooperation http://t.co/Tc4NwsW

Gazprom Profiting Mightily From German Nuclear Exit http://t.co/iiqfzZG ORLY ? :/

RT @GreenLeapFwd: China claims nuclear breakthrough with 4G fast-neutron reactor – uses uranium 60x more efficiently http://bit.ly/nST6eR

Oil prices are going up and up. Here is a picture taken this afternoon. 1.70€ per liter ! http://lockerz.com/s/122350330

Italy: 30GW of Solar by 2020 http://t.co/2ZtIXR3

Why China is Kicking Our Ass in Clean Tech INFOGRAPHIC http://tinyurl.com/3wcn8gr

Pricing carbon = more expensive energy? W/ funding for efficiency, consumers in #RGGI paying 15-30% less: http://bit.ly/hNg9xt

RT @st_ppi: NRC post-Fukushima task force: 2 new reactor designs meet safety concerns & should proceed “without delay” http://t.co/OEjiy3f

Sustainable development

Reading – WRI and Fortune 500 companies launch sustainable business partnership (@TreeHugger) http://bit.ly/oLL4mK

Good post on the importance of integrating #sustainability into overall strategy. RT @makower Terrific, must-read piece

RT @grist: Worldwide approximately 1/3 of all the food we produce is lost or wasted: http://ow.ly/5PsBT Now this is S I C K ! :/

Everyone thinks Obama is doing a bad job on the environment – http://ow.ly/5MWyY

RT @greenmarketTV: The Ultimate List of Top #Green #Twitter #Power #Users http://su.pr/1t4FW6 and connect to Green Twitter Power Users

Do you know what it takes to get a #green #job ? Hint, it’s not what you think. Find out here http://gmtv.me/75tips2

What does it take to build a #greeneconomy? 2% of global GDP – Green Economy Report

Why we should build a Blue Economy, not a Green one!! http://bit.ly/qlYpOP Excellent video #mustsee

Most of the U.S. could be energy self-sufficient http://ow.ly/5Fv86

Is It Too Late? Living with a World Energy Crisis (Free Report) http://ow.ly/1dPLfW

ROI for Sustainability: Calculating the Cost of Change http://t.co/YQEYbCG RT @triplepundit #susty #csr @csrhub


Homemade Computer Crafted with Legos, Crunches Numbers for Medical Research http://ow.ly/5IgQV #Gadgets




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