Is liquefied coal really what we need ?

An article from Cleantechies pointed out that according to a new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) liquefied coal may become an economically viable fuel option by 2015. Further to this, I left a comment :

” Just as we are thinking about solving the climate/energy equation by ditching coal, some are willing to put it in our car tanks… Shouldn’t we concentrate on REAL alternatives instead ? Ones that actually cut our emissions and pollutions ? ”

” It’s not as if the climate was getting weirder and weirder and it is not as if coal cost half a trillion to the USA each year in externalities… What about peak coal ? “

” Seeing how some think about relying to some 1920’s dirty tech when we need 2020’s clean tech, that just gets me mad… ”

On a side note, while looking for an illustration for this article I came accross an interesting post :

Some alternative vehicle fuels such as liquid coal can cause more harmful greenhouse gas emissions than petrol or diesel, scientists warn.

“Liquid coal, for example, can produce 80% more global warming pollution than [petrol],” says the US non-profit environmental group, the Union of Concerned Scientists.

So no, liquefied coal is simply not a solution for our personal mobility needs (just like biofuels).

More walking, biking, public transportation are solutions. Electric cars won’t replace all current cars but are, to me, a good solution.

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