The developing world needs clean cookstoves

What do you get when Hillary Clinton and Julia Roberts work together? An article on clean cookstoves : “Some 3 billion people live in homes where food is cooked on stoves or over fires burning fuels like wood, dung, charcoal, or  waste.”

” According to the World Health Organization, smoke from dirty stoves and fires kills almost 2 million people each year, most of them women and children. It kills more than twice as many people as malaria. “

If you are interested in this important issue, please check out the website of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

But beyond health issues, climate is also an issue :

The impact goes beyond people’s health. Burning these fuels produces carbon dioxide, methane, and black carbon, which contribute to climate change. And cutting down trees for fuel causes natural habitats to dry up, forests to disappear, and soil to erode.

On average, women and girls in developing countries spend up to 20 hours a week searching for fuel — time they could spend going to school, running a business, or raising their families.

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