Oil : the headlong rush

In French, we have an expression, ” la fuite en avant “ which can be explained this way : “A fuite en avant is something one does when one is in a losing situation, and one hopes to salvage it by doing more of the same or worse.”

Not that I want to delve into linguistics…  I am writing about this as the answer to our oil woes is not “more” but “less”. We are beyond the end of conventional oil. The International Energy Agency stated so.

What we are heading towards is unconventional and dirtier, even extreme oil. Think about the mess caused by oil shales…

France consumes one million barrels everyday for its transport sector. At today’s oil prices we lose 85 million euros each day to countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia. This money could be better invested in our country.

Our home country and many others have debts problems. As Al Gore (not sure that was him though) stated that America borrows money from China to pay Saudi Arabia for oil. Am I the only thinking this is completely, utterly W R O N G ?

Exploiting shale oil and gas will only make our addiction worse. It won’t buy us time, it will only destroy even more our environment.

What we now need is going full speed ahead on alternatives and more efficient solutions. Cars that consume 1 liter for a hundred kilometers are feasible, public transportation works…

What do you think ?

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