8 great tips to keep warm during winter

We might be led to thinking that with global warming, we won’t be freezing anymore during winters. Counter-intuitively, this won’t be the case as I wrote in December as global warming may mean colder winters…

So we should better learn how to keep warm while still not touching the thermostat or insulating our houses and apartments. (a sound move for many reasons as I previously wrote).

The French website Ecolo-info wrote a compelling article on the very matter. Here is a short and translated version of my own.

  1. Tiled floors are cold more often than not. Using carpets and rugs might be a good idea ;
  2. Similarly using blankets while watching TV or reading a book is a great way to keep warm ;
  3. Optimizing your office at home or your working space to need less artificial lights ;
  4. Wearing an extra sweater keeps you warm, so stop heating your place enough so you can wear a tee shirt while it’s freezing outside ;
  5. Closing shutters and curtains at night increase the insulation of your windows, so do it as soon as it’s dark out ;
  6. Drinking hot beverages like tea, coffee, chocolate, soups and so on is also a good idea ;
  7. Another great way to keep warm is also to cuddle to your loved one ;
  8. Last but not least – I personally won’t go until there – using hot-water bottles can keep you warm as well…

And you, what are your tips ? Don’t hesitate to share yours !

2 thoughts on “8 great tips to keep warm during winter”

  1. Should have read that yesterday… I Had forgotten to close my bedroom’s shutter…. I was so cold I couldn’t fall asleep! And eventually (at 1 pm) I got up to shut it and take an extra cover! And I fell asleep immediatly! 😉

    Thanks for the tips, I’ll remember that!

  2. Thanks Myriam, I am glad my work here is helping people out. 😀

    I think I should get back to writing articles with lifestyle tips. What do you think ?

    In any case, please don’t hesitate to comment, it’s always great to have feeback (even negative) or starting conversations 😉

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