Avanti ! Italy goes forward on solar

Italy is currently in the news more because of Berlusconi’s taste for orgies but little is written on the expansion of solar photovoltaic there. However, there is much to write as it installed 6,000 MW of solar PV capacity in 2010 alone.

To Cleantechies : ” 7 GWs of PV power will yield well over 8 TWh of electricity per year, almost 2.5% of the nation’s electricity consumption, while still covering a microscopic share of the country’s land (most of which being roofs). “

Yes ! A country can install the equivalent of 2.5 percent via solar of its needed capacity in only a year. This means a lot for those who dream of a future powered only via renewable energy sources.

The article gives also news on how Germany installed 6.5 GW of capacity in 2010 and the Czech Republic no less than 1.5 GW !


Edouard is a sustainability and energy professional committed to bringing our societies to a carbon neutral future. He has been writing on related topics on this very blog since 2007.

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2 Responses

  1. media-man has a tendency to taste bitter news and therefore doubt progress. so–thank you for relentlessly hunting for the good in newer technologies and their steady applications in the world at large.
    it may prompt solar proponents to push for subsidies of simple, small and tested solutions such as roof photovoltaics.
    at the local building code levels, much can be done in reversible meter acceptance for every new building to produce its own energy from the start–and also retrofit older ones such as community buildings and schools etc..

  2. Edouard says:

    Many thanks Nadine for your continuous support and appreciation of my humble work.

    We indeed need a global green solution to get away ASAP from both oil and coal, which represents half of our energy sources to date. They both are nearing depletion and keep polluting our air and soil.

    To propagate the news, keep sharing the articles you like on Facebook, this does wonder !

    All the best ma chère Nadine ! 🙂

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