Another awesome reflection on sustainability

Triple Pundit published a great reflection on why we – as a global society – need to become more sustainable. Particularly targeted at average people who haven’t environmental issues in mind, it does an awesome job.

Enunciating compelling arguments on population, education, natural capital, energy dependence and economy, I believe this is the kind of text you can give to your friends and relatives who don’t see the point in acting on climate change.

I propose you in today’s post the best arguments. Keep them in mind when you begin an argument with people who refuse to see we are facing a triple crisis.

NATURAL CAPITAL: When half of a total resource has been used up (it’s always the easy half that is withdrawn first), the costs of extraction rapidly escalate and the risks associated with extraction also rapidly increase.

The halfway point is called “peak” because extraction always follows a bell-shaped curve. Take copper as an example. 150 years ago, there were boulder-sized nuggets scattered around on the surface in the southwest of the USA.

Today, 0.02% copper ore is extracted from ¾ mile deep pits and driven to the surface in huge gas-guzzling vehicles. Oil, coal, uranium, natural gas, and many other natural resources are at or near “Peak.”

ENERGY DEPENDENCE: All prosperity (yes, ALL) is entirely dependent on cheap, abundant, high efficiency energy. Virtually every activity we engage in requires readily available cheap energy supplies.

Early in the 20th Century, 100 barrels of oil could be extracted at the energy cost of about one barrel of oil.

Today, one barrel of oil invested gets us only about three barrels of oil. We are soon going to be at a major challenge point in terms of energy availability.

Please do read the full article, it is well worth your time.

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