South Korea to invest $35 billions in energy

” The South Korean government has announced that it intends to invest $35.4 billion in the renewable energy sector over the next five years as it aims at reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and build a green economy for the future.”

“The South Korean government announced the ‘Green Korea’ plan in September 2008 which identified nine key areas for green investment : solar and wind power,(…)  and energy storage.”

It seems China is not the only Asian country to have understood that cleantech is literally the next frontier in terms of employment and business. For more, please read the full article at

2 thoughts on “South Korea to invest $35 billions in energy”

  1. from between the blindfolds, it appears that solar and wind are lagging behind the race for healthier alternatives, but i see that smaller developed countries are making remarkable strides toward self sufficiency–ahead of the larger energy spenders.
    with such uplifting news all around, why are deniers still willing to sacrifice wellness and security for a few megawatts of dirty power?

  2. I think the answer you are looking for is in a comment I posted this weekend :

    ” I think too many people in the US get money from Big Oil and Big Coal.

    So they don’t want to change this and thus don’t make their city / state move forward on energy efficiency, conservation or renewables.

    US people consume twice as much as Europeans and Japaneses do per capita. That’s huge ! What will happen when oil prices will go back to +$100 ?”

    South Korea and many other nations are moving forward because the representatives get less money from Big Oil and Big coal than their US counterparts.

    I prepared some great stuff for the coming week. I hope you will enjoy them and keep enjoying yourself.

    Thanks for your comments Nadine, they are highly appreciated.

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