Green IT, the other cleantech

To Ashok Kamal in CleanTechies : ” In many academic, policy and business circles, the term “clean tech” is synonymous with renewable energy.” However under this term we can put among others electric cars and green IT.

And the latter is very important and promising as GreenTech Enterprise notes that it is the biggest green market. In a brilliant article they outline seven reasons why it is the case.

Data centers have we have seen previously consume huge amounts of energy and this is only the beginning as we are using more and more the Internet.

One of the most interesting argument of GreenTech Enterprise is particularly interesting. To the author, a solar panel or a wind turbine must last decades before having to be replaced whereas computer parts and servers are generally replaced every five years or so.

CleanTechie’s article is particularly interesting and closes on a fantastic phrase :

” China may have eaten America’s lunch when it comes to renewable energy, but desert is on the table and the U.S. can still take the biggest slice of the Green IT pie.

I hope you will enjoy both articles as much as I did and look forward to reading your comments.

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