Egypt to build its first nuclear reactor

To the AFP : ” Egypt announced on Wednesday it would build its planned nuclear powerplant on the Mediterranean coast of el-Dabaa which it hopes will start production in 2019, the state news agency MENA reported. “

” Egypt has already used several foreign companies as consultants, including Areva and Westinghouse Electric Co. (this) plant would be followed by three other reactors, tentatively scheduled to start production in 2025. “

This would be the fourth country in the region to build nuclear reactors. Meanwhile, the country is also willing to develop renewable energies such as wind and solar.

Indeed, Egypt wants 20 percent of its electricity to come from renewables by 2020. Wind energy alonewould account for 12 percent.

This is bold measures as to date, 88 percent of the electricity is provided by thermal sources. The remaining comes from hydro.

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