Worth an article – my July 2010 tweets

I have been committed since January 2007 to bring you each month a selection of the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change and the world energy sector.

However, I don’t blog as much as I would like to and generally write around 25 posts per month. But many more news are worth reading. This is why I use Twitter to share more news that are worth your time.

I believe it offers a good complement to this website. So if you are on Twitter and like this selection, don’t hesitate to start following me.

Sustainable development

  • Bike-Sharing is Coming to London! http://fwd4.me/XpF nice but Paris did it a loong time ago ! 😉
  • Blimps to Replace Aircraft for Freight Transport (at least) in Near Future, Leading Scientist Says.. http://bit.ly/9URi0B
  • China Development Bank Loans Argentina $10 Billion for New Metro and Rail Construction : CleanTech.. http://bit.ly/b9zzZ9

Climate Change and environmental issues

  • 27 Tips For Keeping Cool From Planet Green http://fwd4.me/X4C With temps reaching 35°C / 90°F it’s much needed ! 🙂
  • RT @Algore Perhaps now we can put “Climategate behind us and turn to the task of actually doing something about global warming.” http://bit.ly/b3JRaQ
  • Weird, yet great idea : Curry spices for cows and sheep could cut methane emissions http://fwd4.me/XpE
  • RT @UNEPandYou last fact for today: Some eight million items of marine litter are thought to enter the world’s oceans and seas every day
  • RT @grist The ocean is so trashed, oceanographer Sylvia Earle calls it “The Ultimate Garbage Disposal.” How are u trying to fix? http://bit.ly/9rgD4b

Energy and cleantech

  • ‘Solar Trillions’ Author: Clean Energy Key to Wealth Building | CleanTechies Blog – CleanTechies.com http://bit.ly/bEKAnV
  • New Plane Design Could Use 70 Percent Less Fuel | CleanTechies Blog – CleanTechies.com http://bit.ly/9JAQsQ
  • Enr UE : 62% de la nouvelle capacité de production 2009 < Marché énergie – Enerzine.com http://bit.ly/aD7u4x
  • India’s Coal Tax Would Generate $650 Million Annually for the Clean Energy Fund : CleanTechnica http://bit.ly/a580rO
  • Lowest Gasoline Taxes Since the Beginning of the Automobile (in the US) : CleanTechnica http://bit.ly/aOV97m


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