How companies save water (and money)

My dream green job is Chief Sustainability Officer as it would enable me to put into application both my international management education as well as the strong sustainability acumen.

One of the aspects of the job is to cut the companies’ water consumption. As CNet Green Tech notes : ” Water is not only the next big environmental issue, but also the next savings opportunity, according to several companies. “

To Ethical Corporation’s report, one of the companies – Sainsbury’s, in the UK – saved annually no less than 1.6 million pounds (about $2.4 million, or 1.9 million euros) by very simple practices.

As CNet Green Tech further notes :

Sainsbury’s, for example, a leading U.K. supermarket chain, has saved 1.6 million pounds (about $2.4 million) since fixing leaks, installing sensors on urinals, and reducing toilet water capacity, according to Ethical Corporation.

Whitbread, a U.K. company that owns hotel and restaurant chains, saved 350,000 pounds ($519,000) annually after installing low flow-faucets and shower heads, urinals with sensors, and dual-flush toilets in some of its properties. But initial company estimates had been that the changes would save between 93,000 or 80,000 pounds annually. Now the company has decided to implement more water conservation initiatives.

In conjunction with the report release, Ethical Corporation also released a podcast interview with Andy Wales, head of sustainability for SABMiller, the brewing giant that includes the brands Miller, Foster’s, and Grolsch.

“Our internal target is to improve our water efficiency by 25 percent by 2015,” Wales told Ethical Corporation’s Toby Webb during the interview. “At the moment, it takes us just under four and a half liters of water to make a liter of beer, which is better than the brewing industry average. But we need to go much further, so our 2015 target is that 25 percent reduction to 3.5 liters for a liter of beer.”

Via TreeHugger : Companies Are Saving Millions By Conserving Water

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