Bikes are as important as cars

In terms of sustainable transportation, there is nothing better than bikes. Indeed besides being the most energy efficient transport mean it is also good for our environment and health (exercise, reduced air pollution…)

Now acknowledging these facts US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is urging states and transportation agencies to treat “walking and bicycling as equals with other transportation modes.”

All this is fantastic news and I hope this will help a bit America end her love affair with cars. This will benefit the country – and our planet – in many ways.

As I noted in a previous post, more bikes and less cars in our streets is good news. This means fitter people as they exercise. At a time where obesity sky-rockets in certain countries, this is more than welcome.

This also means less air pollution and less greenhouse gases emissions, two other welcomed news. Likewise I am glad to read that bike sharing programs are sprouting around the world.

Make no mistake : I still believe we need cars and that they will be around for many years. But it isn’t the panacea to all our needs. Biking and public transportations alternatives have to be pushed forward. And it seems it is finally taking place.

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