President Obama embraces offshore drilling

I wrote as early as september 2008 that offshore drilling is not a sustainable solution as the added oil reserves won’t enable us to go much further and will keep feeding our global addiction for oil.

To rally Republicans to his climate bill, President Obama decided to embrace this solution last month. This was a major shock and sparckled many reactions at Inhabitat, Treehugger and many other green websites.

I believe this isn’t a good idea. The days of cheap oil are numbered and drilling more won’t change this. Putting these efforts and money in renewables would have been much better.

If the United States want to go all-in with offshore energy, other solutions exist with tidal and wave energy and off course offshore wind power. The latter is particularly promising with the new floating wind turbines.

A recent European study shown that the wind energy potential of the North Sea is superior to the total energy provided by the Persian gulf and would enable Northern Europe to become energy independent. I have no doubt such thing could also happen in the United States. What do you think ?

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