How coal-fired plants are causing cancers

I really believe coal should go away as it is the most greenhouse gases emitting and most polluting energy source. I am really glad France decided to step away from it and chose nuclear instead.

The Huffington Post published last week an article on how coal-fired plants are causing cancer cases to people and even animals because of their massive air and water pollutions.

I find it hard to believe that in the 21st century, we are still using so massively an energy source that dates the 19th century. It is high time we embrace new energy sources.

Renewables like wind and solar (and many others) and safe nuclear power don’t pollute the air and emit much less carbon dioxide during their lifecycles. They each have their issues but as whole pollute hundreds of time less than coal.

This is why I believe both Europe and America – as well as other developped nations – should get their electricity by 40 percent renewables, 40 percent nuclear and 20 percent thermal.

I wonder how fast growing nations like India and China could solve their huge dependance on coal. Indeed, even with stringent efficiency and low carbon requirements, they are still due to burn colossal amounts of coal. This is a huge problem.

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