Europe goes forward on energy

I found during the past few weeks news showing that Europe is investing more and more in solving the climate / energy equation by using various solutions : energy efficiency, smart grids and renewable energies.

Here are some examples : Sweden pledged this week for the installation of 2,000 wind turbines by the year 2020 and the United Kingdom is working on efficiency in the building sector.

Additionally, several countries are due to invest 30 billions euros in smart grids to connect renewable energy sources from across the continent.

All this is good news but we will have to do much more as oil won’t remain for ever below the $100 per barrel threshold. Additionally, greenhouse gases keep on reinforcing climate change, a serious threat to the stability of our continent and our planet.

I believe each and every 27 members of our Union needs to work in the same time on energy efficiency, renewables and nuclear (among other means).

This will require investing billion of euros in the next decades but I believe this is the only realistic answer to our current triple crisis.


Edouard is a sustainability and energy professional committed to bringing our societies to a carbon neutral future. He has been writing on related topics on this very blog since 2007.

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  1. Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    […] is something I totally overlooked while writing earlier this week my article on how Europe goes forward on energy. Indeed, last month Italy announced its intention to build nuclear reactors this […]

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