A huge solar and wind energy deal for Ontario

Solar and wind energies are going slowly but irresistibly mainstream as more and more large deals are being signed worldwide. Even if they still represent a tiny fraction of the world electricity generation, this will change this decade.

The 2.5 GW deal signed in Ontario (Canada) by Samsung for $6.6 billion – 4.7 billion euros – is showing this better than anything. The Ontario Green Energy Act was already a success. This new deal raises the bar even higher.

Even better, four plants will be implemented in Ontario, resulting in the creation of 16,000 jobs in promising industries.

This shows that when governments are moving on cleantech, they are rewarded in multiple ways : thousands of sustainable job creations, billions of revenues, cleaner air and water… A deal like this should push even faster the end of subsidies to fossil fuel industries…

Other countries and states should be inspired by such bold leadership.

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