A great concept car : the Volkswagen Up! Lite

Even if electric vehicles are due to be a major hit this decade – I will soon propose you a series of articles on that – energy efficient internal combustion engines (and hybrids) still may be a solution to cut our oil consumption.

The Volkswagen Up! Light with its extremely efficient engine might be the perfect example to exemplify this. Ultra light (less than 700 kilograms / around 1,500 pounds) it achieves a mileage of 2.44 liters for a 100 km (70 MPG).

This represents good omens for those who want to keep a traditional car with oil prices due to reach again $100 this year.

Regarding emissions, the Up! Lite would emit 65 grams per kilometer. This is half the emissions of current efficient cars.

Of course, this still doesn’t mean everyone should have a car. Buses, bikes and trains are still the best ways to get around in terms of greenhouse gases emissions.

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