Worth an article – my December 2009 tweets

I am committed since January 2007 to bring you each month a selection of thelatest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change and the world energy sector.

However, I don’t blog as much as I would like to and generally write around 25 posts per month. However, many more great news are worth reading and blogging about so I had to find a way to share them with you.

This solution came last year with my use of Twitter as I use my account to share with my followers news that are worth your time. Here is a selection of the most interesting ones.


  • RT @bostonphoenix: We’re killing the oceans – News Features – Boston Phoenix http://bit.ly/3D9T3f
  • RT @algore Time is up for short-term thinking in capitalism. My article in the Financial Times: http://bit.ly/6xvH5u

Climate change

  • on 350 : “Kennedy chose to go to the moon. Our generation must choose to remain on planet Earth.” http://j.mp/8L4A5n #epicwin
  • RT @revkin G77 on rich-nation adaptation aid at $10 billion/yr: “$10 billion will not buy developing countries’ citizens enough coffins.”#cop15 #eco
  • 50 reasons why global warming isn’t natural – Short Sharp Science – New Scientist: http://bit.ly/6K3WeC
  • RT @WWF_Climate: So it looks like 2010 will be another long hard year of negotiations for world to reach a legal#climate deal #cop15


Sustainable development

Electric cars :


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