Copenhagen conference will most likely fail 3

cop15-copenhagen-logoIt was yesterday’s main news on the environmental front : the Copenhagen climate conference will most likely end up in a failure. We were first hopeful, then we were fearing a stalemate last week. And now this…

It begun on Sunday in the Financial Times as Obama ruled out Copenhagen treaty and ruling out any legal binding for this year as the US Congress keeps on stalling the US Climate Bill.

Instead of reaching an agreement and taking action, what happens next month in Copenhagen will most likelybe remembered as another missed opportunity.

This is even more depressing as we are facing or about to face a triple crisis :

  • Environmental and climate issues (I don’t think I have to get back at those…) ;
  • Energy as oil is about to peak and as hydrocarbon fossil fuels still account for 80 percent of our consumption ;
  • Socio economical issues as unemployment is above ten percent in many developed nations.

I find this :

  • Even more irritating as many poor and/or endangered nations are acting and are urging rich ones for action ;
  • Even more frustrating as there is a huge demand in rich countries for cleantech and sustainable solutions ;
  • Completely maddening as Big Business begins to see how climate regulations might benefit us all

I will soon get back on that triple crisis, so stay tuned.

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