Towards a stalemate in Copenhagen ?

denmark-flagEven if the United States are going forward on climate change, many analysts around the world believe the COP 15 meeting in Copenhagen next month will end up in a stalemate.

As China and India are stepping up to the climate change issue and as Europe is – albeit moderately ambitious goals – still leading, the United States seem to be stalling the process.

Could America lead once again ? I dream of a speech on cleantech like the moon shot one. A decade to get rid of oil and coal. After all, Al Gore believes it can be done.

What happened in Barcelona wasn’t preparing a successful agreement, here are some posts that will convince you :

It’s high time our governments react as there is a triple crises : a socio-economical one, a climatical one and an energy one. This will be the topic of a future post, so stay tuned !

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